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Kalam Haq Bahoo Free MP3 Download - By Iqbal Bahoo

Mazar Sharif Hazrat Sultan Bahoo 
Sofiana Kalam:

Here is a List of Hazrat Sultan Bahu's Kalam/songs. You can listen to these Sultan Bahu Kalam/songs online or you can download them to your computer.

Kalam Haq Bahoo List:  

01- Alif Allah Chambay Di Booti

02-  Baghdaad Sheher Di Kiya NishaaNi

03-  Chad Channa Te Kar Roshnaaee
04-  Dil Dar-Yaa Samundro.n Dhoo.Ngay

05-  Ae Tan Mera ChashmaN Hove  

06-  Jo Dam Gaafil So Dam Kaafir

07-  Panj-a Mehal Panjaan Wich Chaanan

08-  Sabit Sidaq Te Qadam Agere


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